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Benedictine crypt

Benedictine crypt

Together with the chapel of San Giorgio, it was the responsibility of the architect Arnaudo, a competent and passionate lover of history and art, to restore and bring to light the Crypt of the Abbey in its pure architectural lines. It is a true jewel, among the most interesting in Piedmont. During the restoration, the staircase and the door with a stone arch that gave access to the crypt were discovered. On the right of the room you can see traces of the steps that led from the hall to the presbytery. The crypt is divided into three naves, with rows of seven isolated columns surmounted by capitals which support the rounded archivolts resting on another ten columns leaning against the perimeter wall. . There are octagonal and quadrangular ones and they all rest on rough bases brought to light today. Above the crypt there are the three apses of the three original naves and close to the right apse in the presbyteral area there is the Romanesque bell tower.

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    It can be visited by contacting the Volunteers for the Art of Villar San Costanzo on 335.7780966 or the Parish of Villar San Costanzo on 0171 902432.

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