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Parish church in the hamlet of Pagliero

Parish church in the hamlet of Pagliero

Can one bell tower even serve three churches? Come to Pagliero to find out. The Church of San Antonio and cemetery chapel are an interesting example of a superimposition of three sacred buildings. A single Romanesque bell tower decorated with double lancet windows serves three religious buildings indicative of the different periods of the settlement. Below is the chapel of the ancient cemetery, which houses a Roman tombstone, then the old parish church of St. Anthony with its severe lines, which preserves valuable artistic elements from the medieval period such as the fresco of St. Christopher. Finally, the current parish church dedicated to St John the Baptist, leaning against the previous one and built in the mid-19th century. The Romanesque three-vaulted transept is certainly the oldest and most striking part. Additions of Baroque paintings changed the balance, but the church still holds valuable treasures, such as several works by the Zabrei brothers.

A mixture of styles and eras that will fascinate you.

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