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Sanctuary of Santa Maria and the hamlet of Morinesio

Sanctuary of Santa Maria and the hamlet of Morinesio

Borgata Morinesio is one of the most beautiful and tidy in Stroppo. Here one finds remarkable examples of mountain architecture of rare harmony, including houses with megalithic portals, covered passageways and round columns, which serve as support for the projecting side roof pitches. In the small square is an old wash-house formerly used as a community oven. In a narrow side street to the main one that cuts horizontally through the village, you can admire a small fresco by Giors Boneto.

A short walk will take you to the ridge, to the east of the village, where you will find the Sanctuary of Santa Maria, a much-loved church and destination of frequent pilgrimages or outings. In a splendid panoramic position on the ridge sloping down from Monte Nebin. From here, on a clear day, you can see the entire valley and the Cuneo plain. The building stands on the ruins of an old chapel dedicated to St Margaret and is surrounded by double-arched porticoes. The small 14th century chapel, already an expression of the devotion of the valley dwellers, became a sanctuary in 1511. In the 18th century, also due to the increasing number of pilgrimages, the building was enlarged and took on its current appearance. The frescoes on the dome and those on the exterior are the work of Francesco Agnesotti of Sampeyre, who painted at the end of the 19th century and was the last heir to the tradition of itinerant sacred art painters who had been active since the 15th century.

And if you want a more spiritual experience, the Sanctuary of Santa Maria also ofers accommodation for pilgrims.

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    For visits to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria and the hamlet of Morinesio: (+39) 335.6020527, (+39) 335.6820158

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