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Chapel of S. Giorgio

Chapel of S. Giorgio

The abbot Giorgio Costantia of Costigliole, elected in 1447, had the crumbling structures restored and, in 1467-69, had a funerary chapel built in the right nave and called the painter Pietro Pocapaglia from Saluzzo to fresco it, unknown until 1977, when the signature was found on a fresco, like the ‘Maestro del Villar’. In 1978-79, during the restoration of the chapel with funds generously made available by the Rotary Club of Cuneo, the frescoes of the stories of San Giorgio were brought to light. Inside the chapel you can admire the frescoes and the marble ark that Abbot Giorgio had sculpted by the brothers Stefano Costanzo and Maurizio Zabreri, originally from San Damiano Macra. The important pictorial complex of the Costanzia chapel can be summarized as follows: on each rib of the cross vault an evangelist is depicted and they are represented in the act of writing the beginning of their Gospel; on the wall of the ancient altar: the Madonna enthroned with her Son, among saints and martyrs; Saint George baptizing the Selenites and the beheading of the Saint; on the wall to the right of the altar: stories from the life of Saint George; on the intrados of the arches: the roundels with Saints, the heraldic shields of the Costanzias, the dedicatory inscription with the signature of Pietro da Saluzzo; on the external walls of the chapel: the stories of the life of Saint George; on the pillar in front of the chapel: the stigmata of Saint Francis.

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    It can be visited by contacting the Volunteers for the Art of Villar San Costanzo on 335.7780966 or the Parish of Villar San Costanzo on 0171 902432.

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