A sustainable vacation

A sustainable vacation

From 5 to 7 conditions met

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8 conditions met

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More than 8 conditions met

Valle Maira has managed to protect itself from concrete and practices that hurt the mountain, such as ski lifts. Free, green and unspoiled, it attracts slow tourism, at a slow pace, and outdoor lovers who wish to discover hidden paradises.

Most of the accommodation facilities are ancient villages or houses, renovated in a sustainable manner respecting the architecture of the Valley. Often those who choose Valle Maira do so also because they are looking for a low impact holiday. For convenience, our facilities are also classified in terms of sustainability, assigning them from 1 to 3 leaves.

Eco-sustainability: activity classification

1 Electricity

A usage of at least 75% from renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic systems, hydroelectric power stations, wind farms, etc.

7 Biodegradable cleaning products

Use of sustainable products both for cleaning and for the supply of complimentary toiletries free from single-use packaging.

2 Water heating

A usage of at least 75% from innovative systems for water heating and domestic hot water production.

8 Energy saving: lighting

A usage of over 80% of energy-saving lighting systems.

3 Historical building recovery

Facility built within a historical building respecting the original characteristics, upgrading the energy efficiency and using local, natural materials.

9 Car-free accessibility

Facility accessible by public transport and, if needed, with transfer service from public transport arrival point to the facility and vice versa.

4 Restoring

Entrusting of restoring works to local, artisan companies.

10 Sharing eco-sustainability policies

The facility keeps their guests informed and promotes the eco-sustainable policies implemented.

5 Water management

Presence of rainwater recovery systems or water systems equipped with flow reducers.

11 Respect for the territory

The facility provides information on the surrounding nature, on the culture and local heritage and on appropriate behaviour to maintain during visits and excursions.

6 Food

Prevalent usage of organic, local food purchased from local producers.

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