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The project

The Occitan Experiences are a proposal dedicated to mountain lovers who wish to consciously and with respect for the places they cross. The project plans to narrate the territory of the Maira Valley – one of the most evocative and uncontaminated corners of the Alps – through the experiences of ordinary people who have chosen to cross it and get to know it by walking, skiing or climbing. Discovering a world that has been able to resist mass tourism by preserving its environment and cultural traditions.


Un pas après a l’autre / One step after another

A young woman decides to leave the city behind to treat herself to a solitary adventure in the midst of nature. . A journey that will lead her to explore Valle Maira at a leisurely pace, from the valley's forests to the highest peaks, fully enjoying the pleasures and flavors of Occitan hospitality.

Esperienze occitane
Ski touring

Charamaio mai en Val Mairo / It still snows in Maira Valley

Four friends decide to embark on a new adventure in an unfamiliar territory. In a snow-scarce winter, Valle Maira rewards them with an unforgettable snowfall and the magic and silence that only certain places can provide.

Esperienze occitane

Storios 'd rocho / Rock tales

An experience dedicated to clean climbing, where the rock is respected and becomes a true adventure playground. We are looking for protagonists for this episode to be filmed in the spring of 2024. Are you interested? Send us your application!

Online from April 2025

Esperienze occitane

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