E (Hiking)

First stage

From Villar San Costanzo to Sant’Anna di Roccabruna

The first stage of the Occitan routes takes place almost entirely on the hillside in the woods at the foot…

T (Tourist)

Second stage

From Sant’Anna di Roccabruna to Alberti

A quiet connecting stage, still on little roads and off-the-beaten path paths. Taking place mainly in the woods, it does…

E (Hiking)

Third stage

From Alberti to Camoglieres

A decidedly interesting stage that after the first stretch changes completely compared to the previous ones and allows you to…

E (Hiking)

Fourth stage

From Camoglieres to Stroppo

A stage that takes us to the heart of the Occitan paths. It starts from one of the most popular…

E (Hiking)

Fifth stage

From Stroppo to Elva

The stage that leads to Elva, the most remote town in the valley, through ancient and panoramic mule tracks. An…

E (Hiking)

Sixth stage

From Elva to San Michele di Prazzo

A stage at the foot of the Pelvo d’Elva, initially a bit monotonous because it is on asphalt, but which…

E (Hiking)

Seventh stage

From San Michele di Prazzo to Ussolo

A not too demanding stage that from the valley of San Michele di Prazzo leads to Ussolo, a village that…

E (Hiking)

Eighth stage

From Ussolo to Chiappera

A fairly demanding stage that offers enchanting views of the upper Maira valley, with its stone villages immersed in the…

E (Hiking)

Ninth stage

From Chiappera to Chialvetta

We are at the top of the Maira valley and after the turning point the long return to Dronero begins.…

E (Hiking)

Tenth stage

From Chialvetta to the Gardetta plateau

Highlight of the Occitan routes that go up the valley of Unerzio until you come out on Gardetta, an immense…

E (Hiking)

Eleventh stage

From the Gardetta plateau to Marmora

A stage without too much positive altitude difference but with an important mileage that crosses the entire Gardetta plateau at…

E (Hiking)

Tenth and eleventh stages (variant)

From Chialvetta to Marmora from the Soleglio Bue hill

An alternative stop to the two that go up to the Gardetta plateau and then go down to Mamora. Even…

E (Hiking)

Twelfth stage

From Marmora to Palént

A stage that goes around the steep slopes of Mount Buch on the Napoleonic Road, a pleasant hillside path facing…

E (Hiking)

Thirteenth stage

From Palent to Celle Macra

A quiet stage, in uncrowded wilderness areas, which crosses ancient villages largely abandoned. An itinerary mainly inside woods which, however,…

T (Tourist)

Fourteenth stage

From Celle Macra to Dronero

Final stage of the Occitan routes that from Celle Macra allows you to return to Dronero on the famous devil's…