History and geology

History and geology

Harsh and spectacular panoramas, forgotten and rediscovered villages; every place in Maira Valley shows the signs of an ancient history, a history written through the slow transformations of the earth along the geological eras and by the constant and respectful dialogue between man and nature.

Crossing the Maira Valley, admiring its spectacular views and discovering its traditions, means taking a journey through time. Going up the alpine stretch of the Maira river from which the Cuneo valley, located between Italy and France, takes its name, means crossing an ancient sea that separated, millions of years ago, two continents. There are numerous stretches in which this profound geological transformation from which the Alps took shape is evident.

The landscape in Maira Valley is never taken for granted: in just 45 km, you pass from luxuriant oak and chestnut woods to deep canyons with steep vertical walls. A true paradise for all those who love hiking and outdoor activities.

We have given light to every aspect of the valley.

Sports lover?

Sports enthusiasts have a wide choice of excursions, climbing, via ferratas, mountain biking.

The unmissable experiences
Valle Maira
Valle Maira

Do you prefer comfort?

Those who prefer comfort can indulge in automobile itineraries and walks, easy excursions suitable for families, visit ethnographic museums and the artistic masterpieces of the Romanesque and Gothic churches, enjoy the sun and nature and savor the typical local cuisine.

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