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Parish Church of San Giorgio and Massimo

Parish Church of San Giorgio and Massimo

Parish Church SS. Giorgio e Massimo di Marmora, with its beautiful Romanesque-Gothic bell tower, stands isolated above the village of Marmora. Already mentioned in documents from the early 14th century, it was remodelled and enlarged in the 18th century but has retained part of its original structure and is waiting for you to discover its treasures. The interior has a single nave with cross vaults and two deep side chapels. It is precisely in the chapels that evidence of the old church is visible. In the chapel on the left is a fresco of St Julian. Next to it, placed in a niche in the wall, is a 1st century AD Roman votive arula dedicated to Winged Victory: a sign of the strong Roman presence in this area.

Also noteworthy is the octagonal Romanesque-Gothic stone baptismal font, dating back to the 15th century: the sides are carved with geometric motifs and reliefs depicting Adam and Eve, the Madonna and Child and angels. On the hidden side is the Crucifixion, while on the shaft are the Evangelists. In the Middle Ages, the church must have been decorated on the entire exterior and interior surface: today only the 14th and 15th century frescoes remain. The 15th-century works are by Tommaso Biasacci of Busca, one of the two itinerant painting brothers who painted Saints Gregory, Maximus, Francis and Jerome here. Recently restored, the frescoes are now better readable.

The two sundials are remarkable; one, dated 1664, is considered the oldest in the valley. Can you tell the time from a sundial?

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    To visit the church, call the number: 0039. 349 6951504

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