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Chapel of San Salvatore

Chapel of San Salvatore

Passing along the main road, the Chapel of San Salvatore catches the eye: isolated on a short clearing, it has massive round columns and a peculiar structure that beckons one to pause. Stop here, it is a little treasure.


The chapel of San Salvatore represents the oldest evidence of Christian settlement in the area. It was founded in the 12th century by the canons of Oulx.

Made of roughly squared stone and river pebbles and with the roof covered with the characteristic lausas, slate slabs, it has a portico supported by mighty round columns. It has a ribbed façade and a small bell tower with two single-lancet windows.

A single nave inside, with an exposed truss ceiling and a semicircular frescoed apse.

The interior houses two valuable fresco cycles. The first, from the Romanesque period, depicts Adam and Eve, battle scenes and a moment of dance. Take a close look at it, here different musical instruments are represented in a painted music performance. In the apse, a late-Gothic pictorial cycle depicts the twelve Apostles, the four Evangelists and a Christ in a mandorla.

The artistic value of this chapel is immeasurable, and the surrounding landscape makes it unique.

There is also a convenient car park – no excuses!

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