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Chapel of San Pietro

Chapel of San Pietro

The Chapel of San Pietro stands on the ancient mule track that leads from Villar di Macra to Borgata Camoglieres, in a strategic position on a small rocky promontory, as if to control access to the village, .

An ideal destination for a short walk or a stop on the Ciclamini Trail, it will enchant you with its Dance Macabre.

On the outside of the building, dating back to the 13th century, four spires and a small bell gable tower stand out. The portico was a place of rest and shelter for pilgrims and wayfarers. Its particular structure made it possible to control the entry of caravans and foreigners into the village, especially in the event of plagues, using a bar.

Inside, the square hall is exceptionally rich in frescoes. The vault sails of pure Gothic lines are occupied by the Church Fathers. On the eastern wall you will find depictions of the Nativity, the Adoration of the Magi and the Circumcision, while on the opposite wall you can admire the Stories of St. Martin. On either side of the portal is a fresco of the Annunciation.

What is most striking is the decoration of the lower register that runs along the walls. Here, an unknown late 15th-century painter depicted a Dance Macabre. It is a dialogue between the living and the dead represented by dancing skeletons dragging the living from different social categories: kings, popes and prelates, merchants, and knights. Each situation corresponds to a short dialogue between the character and the skeleton in old Occitan. A rarity worth the walk.

  • How to visit the site

    Following the restoration work, the chapel was included in the "Open Churches" circuit for which automatic opening will be possible thanks to the specific app. Once opened, the narration of the building and its paintings will begin in multiple languages. For further information, consult the website:

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