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Church of San Peyre

Church of San Peyre

Located at 1233 meters above sea level, on a rocky spur overlooking the Maira Valley, the church of San Peyre di Stroppo awaits you along the road that leads to Elva.

Built between the 12th and 13th centuries, it is characterized by a simple gabled façade, a slate roof and a small bell tower. The Gothic bell tower stands on it and on the fence of the ancient cemetery. The stone portal is surmounted by a large Romanesque round arch.

The interior has three naves. The central nave ends in two apses that were surely born as small open chapels. In the main apse, several paintings dating back to the second half of the fourteenth century, by an anonymous painter, depict a large figure of Christ enthroned flanked by Saints Peter and Paul, owners of the church. On the side walls you will find the twelve apostles, while the symbols of the Evangelists stand out against the blue background of the vault. The Annunciation and St. Christopher placed above the chapel of the bell tower are by the same master. A different artist created in the chapel the Madonna enthroned between San Pietro and Sant’Antonio Abate and, in the intrados of the arch, San Bernardo da Mentone chaining a devil and Saints Barbara and Catherine d ‘ Alexandria. It is the minor apse, however, to reserve more surprises, with a third master, perhaps Lombard, author in the first decades of the fifteenth century of the Nativity, the Announcement to the shepherds, the Adoration of the Magi and the Dormitio Virginis. Inspired by the apocryphal Gospels they delicately represent the birth of Christ, enriching it with unpublished and intimate details. Very rare is the figure of the shepherd with the bagpipe. The musician, with an incredulous face, carries one of the symbolic instruments of popular music. A more modest fourth painter was the author in the early sixteenth century of the San Pietro and of the panel with the saints Sebastiano, Rocco and Fabiano.

And if you are not yet sated with beauty, the view over the valley will take your gaze into the distance.

  • How to visit the site

    It can be visited by asking for the keys. Contact person for visits: Locanda Codirosso 348.8860680 / 380.5333955 - B&B Al Torch +39 3407301300  

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