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Parish Church SS. Andrea and Ponzio

Parish Church SS. Andrea and Ponzio

Have you ever met an archpriest? Since 1674, the parish priests of Dronero have held this title, and you can learn about it by visiting the beautiful parish church SS. Andrea and Ponzio

Built on the site of an earlier 14th century parish church, the church was built between 1455 and 1461 in Gothic style.

Of particular interest is the portal with a marble gable carved in Lombard Gothic style by the Zabreri brothers of Pagliero.

In the 18th century, a Baroque dome was added, designed by the Monregalese architect Francesco Gallo. In the 19th century, Baron Manuel of San Giovanni had the interior decoration renewed. There is an apsidal ambulatory in the church, an exception in Alpine valleys. Also noteworthy are a Gothic stone stoup by the aforementioned Zabreri and a canvas depicting the Beheading of the Baptist attributed to the painter Molineri.

As you visit, don’t forget to look up at the organ: built in 1854, it consists of no less than 1602 pipes.

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