The gateway to the Maira Valley


At an altitude of 621 metres, Dronero is the entry point to the Maira Valley.

Founded in 1240, it was the land of counts, marquises and bourgeoisie. Dronero was a fiefdom of Giovanni Giolitti in the last century and preserves an extraordinary architectural heritage of monuments, churches and noble houses of rare beauty. Discover alleyways, squares and porticos where you can stroll in search of views to capture, such as the Devil’s Bridge, and delicacies to savour, created by the skilful hands of local producers.

It has three hamlets, Monastero, Pratavecchia and Tetti. The latter is home to the not-to-be-missed Torta dei Tetti, a delicious medieval cake.

This is where the Maira and the Rio Roccabruna converge and you can visit the only mill still in operation in the valley. Dronero is an excellent choice for a stop to visit all that the valley has to offer.

Recommended attractions

A selection of the most beautiful places and unmissable destinations in the municipality of Dronero.