Pedancola sul Maira

Pedancola sul Maira

The new pedancola on the Maira river is ideal for testing your cool! A 70-metre long walkway made of small metal plates only 75 cm wide for a crossing that will lead you to the discovery of beautiful views

The pedancola connects the hamlet of Monastero di Dronero to Morra del Villar and is enjoyed by everyone, young and old!

For an easy walk, start at Ponte del Diavolo in Dronero and follow the signs for the cycle path along the Maira. After 5 km you will reach the hamlet of Monastero di Dronero. Here, with a bit of adrenaline, the new ‘bridge’ over the Maira will lead you to the Morra del Villar where the Ciciu await you!

The bridge is also passable with buggies and bicycles.

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