Occitan Museum Sòn de Lenga

Occitan Museum Sòn de Lenga

On arriving in the Maira Valley you will often hear the adjective Occitan. Why not discover more by visiting a museum where you are the protagonist?

Espaci Occitan’s Sòn de Lenga is an experiential museum dedicated to Occitan culture.

It proposes a route through Occitania, its history, cultural and folkloric traditions, literature, music. Visiting it is like entering a fun ‘time machine’ that helps you understand the past and future of the Occitan Valleys.

This museum is a starting point for a visit to the lingua d’òc valleys because it illustrates their extraordinary tradition in a pleasant and dynamic way.

The space is open to everyone: tourists and culture enthusiasts from the Occitan area, primary, middle and high school students and university students.

There is also a book shop for those who want to take some Occitan culture home with them.

  • How to visit the site

    Reference contact: ass. Espaci Occitan, 0171.904075

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