Confraternity of the Annunziata of Acceglio with Museum of Sacred Art

Confraternity of the Annunziata of Acceglio with Museum of Sacred Art

Right at the source of the Maia valley, you discover a museum, born of the devotion of the valley dwellers, which holds many treasures. It is home to the Confraternity of the Annunziata dating back to the 15th century. Since 1998, the building has housed a Museum of Sacred Art, with numerous valuable sacred furnishings and liturgical vestments from various churches and chapels in the valley. Among the most interesting things you will see here are a medieval astyle cross, a miniature dating from the first half of the 15th century, several sculptures from the same century and paintings attributed to Jean Claret and Victor Amadeus Rapous.

The museum is divided into five exhibition spaces. It is accessed from the church hall, which has retained the character of a place of worship. At the foot of the altar is the late 15th century fresco of the Pietà, executed in the manner of the Biasacci brothers. From here one also accesses the choir area, which is used for the meetings of the Brothers.

The lower floor, the result of the 2000 extension, is divided into three thematic rooms, dedicated to local devotions and reproductions of plans for the reconstruction of some of the churches in the upper valley.

The Confraternity was active until 1881, when an order by the prefect of Cuneo ordered its dissolution.

Since 2012, the museum has also exhibited a collection of works by Matteo Olivero, a Divisionist painter from Acceglio.

  • How to visit the site

    For visits call the contact person: Luca Baralis 0171 99008

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