Giovanni Giolitti European Centre

Giovanni Giolitti European Centre

The beauty of the Maira Valley raised one of Italy’s most famous statesmen: Giovanni Giolitti. And it was in this valley that the foundation dedicated to him was born: in Dronero, the heart of his constituency.

The Giovanni Giolitti European Centre for the Study of the State was set up in 1998 with the establishment of a provisional committee formed by the municipality of Dronero and the Valle Maira Mountain Community, joined by the Giolitti family. And it was the family itself that gave a decisive boost to the initiative, donating a family archive (the Giolitti-Chiaraviglio-Revelli Fund) of around 3,000 documents, now entrusted to the centre, to the municipality of Dronero.

Since then, the Centre has offered conferences, courses, lectures, exhibitions and publications.

Because only by knowing history can we plan a better future.

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