Sources of the Maira and travertine caves

Sources of the Maira and travertine caves

Just above the village of Saretto is the source of the Maira torrent: a basin with large erratic boulders on the bed of a stream that collects in a small artificial lake. The water comes from a branched underground network that also draws from the Visaisa and Apzoi lakes located at a higher altitude. The whole area is of great natural interest: the basin overlooks a pure pine forest and is separated from the main valley by a glacial moraine. Here, the large presence of boulders makes bouldering possible.

Not far from the springs, there is a travertine outcrop with deep fissures. The natural action of water has modelled shapes that seem to have been moulded by man, so particular are they. Then you reach the travertine caves from the dirt forest track that branches off to the left of the road towards the Maira springs: a few metres after a no-trespassing sign you will see a large boulder: behind the boulder, on the right, the path begins, which will take you to the caves in a few minutes.


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