The Padre Sergio Library

The Padre Sergio Library

A valley, Val Maira, which is nicknamed by some inhabitants “the valley of free spirits”. A library, at 1580 m above sea level, which still preserves 62,500 volumes and a former monastery, once guarded by a Benedictine monk, Father Sergio de Piccoli, who loved collecting, and welcoming, books and human beings.

And then, a dream in the making that is taking shape: the dream of the Luoghi di Passaggio association (which manages the premises of the former monastery of Marmora) of giving life to a space for artists, and for art, characterized by that spirit of welcome that belonged to Father Sergio. A place where writers, photographers, musicians and artists passing through can request to spend time alone, seek new inspiration in the breathtaking panorama and the unique energy that you can breathe up there and discover, or rediscover, the history of the Benedictine monk and the his welcoming spirit.


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    For information on openings contact: placesdipassaggio@greenrd.it

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