On foot

Ancient paths around Acceglio

Ancient paths around Acceglio

The starting point of this simple excursion is the car park in front of the Acceglio Tourist Office, from where, following a short stretch in the grove, you cross the Rio Mollasco to reach the other side of the Vallone Traversiera. From here continue north-west towards Lausetto, passing through the Grange Bargia and ignoring the possible deviations to the left for Villaro hamlet. From Lausetto, turn right to reach the grange Colombata (1585 m), from where, continuing north to the grange Cruset (1785 m), you reach a crossroads and turn left towards the grange Brisset. After a stretch of curves on the left you reach the grange Bordella (1679 m): here the path, after a few curves, continues towards the south-west, on an ancient stretch that was used by peasants and descends until it crosses the Occitani trails on the right. After another turn, this time to the left, you reach Ponte Maira and after crossing the village, the parking lot in Acceglio can be easily reached by following the path that runs alongside the Maira stream beyond the bridge.

From the Grange Bordella it is possible to follow a mule track that leads to the church of San Maurizio and then rejoins with the Lausetto hamlet.


  • Duration: 3h
  • Ascent: 570 m
  • Descent: 570 m
  • Distance: 9.5 km
  • Region: Acceglio
  • Seasons: Spring, Summer
  • Difficulty: Easy