On foot

Sentiero del Puy

Sentiero del Puy

Panoramic ring tour that touches some villages of San Damiano Macra.

From the town of San Damiano Macra, take the first stretch of the ancient Podio mule track, reaching the village of the same name near a small church dedicated to San Mauro.

Then go up towards the Molineri di Pagliero hamlet and once you reach it, go down to the Arnaud stream. It is then necessary to take a mostly flat path that leads to the Torchietto hamlet. After having traveled the whole village, take the road that will bring you back to the start.

Along the way you will cross very varied areas: sunny terraces, more shady and humid woods of beech, larch and chestnut trees, but also inhabited or uninhabited villages where you can imagine what life once could have been like.


  • Ascent: 500 m
  • Distance: 8.0 km
  • Region: San Damiano Macra
  • Seasons: Autumn, Spring, Summer
  • Difficulty: Easy, Family-friendly