On foot

Lago di Gourc

Lago di Gourc

Ring tour with the possibility of hiking Monte Chialmo, meeting a lovely alpine lake.

Starting from the hamlet of Paglieres, once you have left the car, you go back down to the hamlet of Bedale Birrone to continue up to Colle Santa Margherita (1330 m). From there you walk along the path in the direction of the hamlet of Assarti, a former partisan base, and then continue south to go up the Colle Steuna (1590 m). From with a detour you can reach Monte Chialmo (2020 m), walking for an uphill journey of about two kilometers.

Retracing our steps at Colle Steuna, we continue downhill until we reach the destination of Lake Gourc (1519 m), which also takes the name of Lake of the Frogs because in the spring the eggs hatch allowing a literal explosion of tadpoles on this small body of water. From the lake, continue north towards the village of Girardi, and then return to the village of Paglieres.

Section suitable for families: in the opposite direction, from the hamlet of Paglieres or the hamlet of Girardi up to Lake Gourc.


  • Ascent: 450 m
  • Distance: 11.5 km
  • Region: San Damiano Macra
  • Seasons: Autumn, Spring, Summer
  • Difficulty: Easy, Family-friendly