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Loop tour in san damiano

Loop tour in san damiano

The route starts near the fountain of St Catherine’s Church near the hamlet of Lottano. Continuing towards Lottano, go past the village and turn left before a bridge, then proceed into the woods and start climbing. After turning right, we come to cascina Poet and a dirt road that crosses Bosco del Piano as far as borgata Chiabrera. From here, continue in the direction of the San Chiaffredo chapel in the Roi hamlet of San Damiano Macra, passing through the villages of Cogno and Biancera. The arcaded chapel surrounded by large meadows is an ideal destination for picnickers. There is also a fountain here for filling water bottles. From here, take the path to the left of the chapel, ignoring the one in front of the portico that leads to strada dei cannoni After passing the village of Mostiola, continue towards Molineri di Pagliero. Here we leave the Occitan Paths route and walk towards Borgata Torchietto, alongside Rio Natale. A gentle up and downhill stretch leads to the hamlet of Podio and from there it is downhill to the starting point via Comba.


  • Ascent: 650 m
  • Descent: 650 m
  • Distance: 13.4 km
  • Region: San Damiano Macra
  • Seasons: Autumn, Summer
  • Difficulty: Medium Difficulty

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