San Martino Village

San Martino Village

The Borgata San Martino di Stroppo is the last in the town on the road to Elva.

As if suspended, its profile that stands out in the sky is one of the symbolic images of the Maira Valley.

The first settlement dates back to the centuries prior to the 17th century. Walking through its ancient streets, you will meet the remains of a windmill with a circular turret, a stone arch in the center of the village, the oven</strong >, the wash houses and the public fountains. The church is dedicated to San Martino and was rebuilt in 1699. In this hamlet a bronze bracelet from the IX-VIII BC was also found, now exhibited in the Civic Museum of Cuneo.

In the meadows and cultivated terraces around the town there are many quiet places suitable for relaxing and resting. Many mule tracks invite you to take walks, trips or excursions in the high mountains, depending on the preparation or the desire of the moment.

A curiosity documented by oral tradition are the “tombs of the Spaniards”, undulations of the land similar to mounds: discover them in the surrounding area!

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