Borgata Chiappera e Rocca Provenzale

Borgata Chiappera e Rocca Provenzale

The Rocca Provenzale is the impressive rocky massif that emerges vertically from the meadows behind Chiappera, the last inhabited village and one of the most beautiful in the high Valle Maira.

Summer homeland of hiking and climbing, in winter Chiappera becomes a snow paradise. Here you can practice many sports: a bobsleigh run for children, cross-country skiing, hiking skiing, snowshoeing, ski mountaineering… from scenography to whatever you choose to do. The border with France is marked by mountains that exceed 3000m: Sautron, Chambeyron Group, Maniglia, but it is the incredible quartzite spur of the Castello Group -Provencal which attracts more climbers.

Tradition has it that the first to climb it was a mid-nineteenth century parish priest, to dissolve a vow: the parish priest, who was called don Provenzale, was a native of Chiappera and promised that he would hoist a cross over it. mountain, which today bears his name. Since then, many have climbed the peaks of the group, opening new routes. A photo of this quartz horn should not be missing from your Maira Valley scrapbook!

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