Borgata Ussolo

Borgata Ussolo

Film fan? Here you will find a perfect set for a film with a medieval setting.

Its particular charm meant it was chosen as the location for two films. The first is from 2004 and is entitled Piròt, en fiet d’en bòt, in Occitan Peter, a child from the past, by directors Sandro Gastinelli and Marzia Pellegrino. The second was a film from 2005, awarded at several festivals. L’aura fai son vir, “Il vento fa il suo giro”, is the film written by Fredo Valla and directed by Giorgio Diritti that tells a bitter story of difficult integration between the local Alpine community and outsiders.

The hamlet of Ussolo is certainly the one that has retained most of its medieval village appearance: walking through its streets you can pass covered passages, see rough stone walls and roofs made of losa, the typical slate slab. Also stop to observe the village church, dedicated to Santo Stefano: it incorporates some decorations, capitals and têtes coupées, which come from an earlier religious building dating back to the 14th century.

The painter Giors Boneto also left traces of his stay in this village, where a large late 19th century fresco depicting the grieving Madonna among saints stands out.

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