Borgata Castellaro

Borgata Castellaro

Among the most monumental buildings in the whole valley, the Castle or Cantunal dominates the medieval agglomeration of the Borgata Castellaro, the highest in the country.

This type of house is called “sail” because it has facades higher than the roof that end with their own roof, also in stone. These facades are often adorned with Gothic windows or carved mullioned windows. A type of construction that distinguished the houses of the wealthiest families, together with a large use of worked stones, synonymous at the time with wealth.

The sail palace of Borgo Castellaro retains valuable architectural elements such as the megalithic portal and a single-lancet window with green stone decorations. The recent restoration has made the interior spaces usable again, where temporary exhibitions are set up or meetings and conferences are held.
Once, adjacent to the castle there was another ancient building, higher, called the tower, now lost.

A place that allows you to take a look at the life of the past in an environmental context of absolute beauty.

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