Fremo cuncunà

Fremo cuncunà

On the hunt for the most Instagrammed places in the Maira Valley? Surely Fremo Cuncunà is one of them!

This incredible spur of rock is located in the municipality of Elva and more precisely on Colle San Giovanni, a few dozen metres from the chapel of the same name, Suspended in the void, it affords a breathtaking view of the mountains: Bettone, Chersogno, Marchisa, Pelvo and Monviso. If you lower your gaze, you will have the entire Vallone di Elva at your feet.

Actually, it is not this single rock that is called Fremo Cuncunà, but the group of rocks that form a very unusual figure: that of a ‘crouching woman‘, which in Occitan is called Fremo Cuncunà. If you want to see this picture in full, the best view is from the Vallone di Elva road!

Now you’re ready to have your photo taken on a rock overhanging the void, but always remember that in the mountains you can never be too careful!

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