Stroppia Falls

Stroppia Falls

They may not be the most famous, but the Stroppia Falls are the highest in Italy. With a drop of almost 500 metres, they are the most spectacular in our country. Incredible to look at, they reach the peak of their beauty between late spring and early summer, only to disappear in summer when the water level of Lake Niera that supplies them drops.

If you simply want to admire them from afar, a good vantage point is the path that starts from the Camping Senza Frontiere in Acceglio.

If you want to experience them instead, equip yourself with sturdy water-proof boots and walk the first part of the Dino Icardi trail, which always starts near the campsite.

You will literally pass under the waterfall and, overcoming a difference in height of about 650 metres, you will reach Lake Niera from which the waterfall springs in a hollow between beautiful mountains. Here the mountain is inhabited by many marmots and chamois, and with a bit of luck you can make their acquaintance.

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