Rocca la Meja and Gardetta plateau

Rocca la Meja and Gardetta plateau

Would you like to travel back in time? Plan a trip to the Gardetta plateau.

This same soil was trampled millions of years ago by immense dinosaurs that have left footprints visible even today. The first findings date back to 2008 when, thanks to the work of the geologist Enrico Collo and Prof. Michele Piazza of the University of Genoa, the footprints of an ancestor of the dinosaurs have been found. The discovery was made official in July 2009 after Heinz Furrer, professor at the Museum of Paleontology in Zurich, identified and confirmed the discovery.

They are footprints that date back to about 250 million years ago, left between the undulating muddy bottoms of an ancient marine coast line which today has turned into a beautiful mountain plateau in about 2200 meters above sea level.

The next step was to find out who had left those footprints: they were attributed to a “new” animal, Isochirotherium gardettensis, vaguely similar to a crocodile of considerable size, at least 4 meters.

Since 2016, the “Escarton” Cultural Association has supported the project, acting as an intermediary between research and local institutions. The project is destined to develop further thanks to the extension of the research area and, above all, thanks to the dissemination of research results through the creation of a Geo-Paleo park.

The plateau, located at a height of over two thousand meters, is dominated by the Dolomite peak of Rocca la Meja, one of the most beautiful mountains in the Cuneo Alps with remains of military settlements. A path, less vertical and exposed than it might seem, allows you to reach its very panoramic summit. A destination that will give you great satisfaction if you love more scenic treks

  • How to visit the site

    Every Saturday and Sunday starting from 3 July until 12 September and from 9 to 20 August every day a shuttle takes you to the Gardetta plateau. The starting point is the Grangia Selvest in Preit.

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