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Mount Scaletta peak and loop

Mount Scaletta peak and loop

This loop tour offers breathtaking views over the Stura Valley, the Roburent lakes below, the Meja and the entire Maira Valley!

From the last hairpin bends of the tarmac road near Viviere, climb up through the pastures towards the Prato Ciorliero plain and then follow the right-hand path to the Scaletta pass (2639m), where you can see evidence of fortifications dating back to the Alpine Wall. The ascent to the summit (2840 m) requires caution, as well as a torch to get through a tunnel along the way.

The descent is more scenic and, after descending a few points with the aid of fixed chains, we climb up to the Due Valli bivouac (2600 m) along a military road. From here, continue on to the Croce Orientale pass and descend to the Colletto Vittorio via a detrital gully (pay close attention. Presence of ropes to help with the descent. A helmet is recommended). Here we rejoin the military road that descends towards Prato Ciorliero, passing the former Escarton military shelter. You will soon reach the starting point.


  • Ascent: 1,150 m
  • Distance: 15.5 km
  • Region: Acceglio
  • Season: Summer
  • Difficulty: Hard

Mountain sports are potentially dangerous activities and must be undertaken with the right equipment and preparation. We invite you to consult the weather and avalanche bulletin before embarking on an excursion and/or contact a guide for assistance. The Valle Maira Tourist Consortium declines any responsibility in relation to the advice and itineraries shown here, which must be evaluated personally according to the weather conditions and snow cover.