On foot

A spass per Lou Viol (short loop)

A spass per Lou Viol (short loop)

This is a quiet loop tour that, with a small difference in height, allows you to “wander along the paths”, which are nothing more than the old paths of Elva.

It touches on the villages, the parish church with its cycle of frescoes by Hans Clemer, meadows and larch woods on the plateau and the Pels Museum. Starting from Serre town hall, where you can leave your car, you can visit the parish church and then return to the square, to the right of the town hall take the road to Colle San Giovanni (1869 m) and the little church of the same name, passing through the Mattalia hamlet. A short branch-off leads to the Frema Cuncunà and the panel on which the names of the neighbouring peaks are inscribed. Returning to the circular church, go straight on to come out on the Colle dell Cavalline, and so continue along the dirt track to the right of the excursion hut, through a larch wood, towards Borgata Martini (1743 m), from where you will then take a stretch of tarmac road to return to Borgata Serre.


  • Duration: 2h 35m
  • Ascent: 380 m
  • Descent: 380 m
  • Distance: 8.3 km
  • Region: Elva
  • Seasons: Spring, Summer
  • Difficulty: Easy, Family-friendly

Mountain sports are potentially dangerous activities and must be undertaken with the right equipment and preparation. We invite you to consult the weather and avalanche bulletin before embarking on an excursion and/or contact a guide for assistance. The Valle Maira Tourist Consortium declines any responsibility in relation to the advice and itineraries shown here, which must be evaluated personally according to the weather conditions and snow cover.