Villages with a Roman past for slow holidays


Inhabited since Roman times, the municipality of Marmora, located in a side valley at an altitude of 1223 metres, is made up of 17 villages and hamlets. Probably the site of a small Roman military garrison, today it is a place of pastoralism and the typical alpine cheese is produced here. Occitan Paths and the GTA pass through here. The route through the villages, “Per antichi sentieri” (Along ancient paths) is a feather in Marmora’s cap. There are several stop-off points ready to welcome hikers with welcoming accommodation on offer.

A walk through the villages reveals not only remarkable examples of religious architecture but also buildings characterised by great care and richness in construction detail: the dwellings of middle-class farming families. If you love prehistory, an educational installation, the Triassic Park of the Gardetta, has been created near the crossroads between Marmora and Canosio.

Recommended attractions

A selection of the most beautiful places and unmissable destinations in the municipality of Marmora.