Natural Reserve

Natural Reserve of the Ciciu del Villar

Natural Reserve of the Ciciu del Villar

Whether you are an expert geologist, a simple curious or a child who wants to enter a fairytale world, the Natural Reserve of Ciciu del Villar is the right place for you.

A large protected area that extends over an area of ​​64 hectares between 600 and 1350 m above sea level awaits you with a very particular phenomenon of erosion: the erosion columns.

These earth pyramids at the foot of Mount San Bernardo are natural morphological sculptures, with a typical giant mushroom shape. The cap is made up of a huge boulder of gneiss occhiadino, while the stem is made of earth and crushed stone compacted by the weight above. The name of the reserve derives from the Piedmontese terms Ciciu ‘d pera, stone puppet.

The Ciciu del Villar area is, from a naturalistic point of view, an authentic rarity, and not only for its geological peculiarities. In a few hectares you can discover an enormous variety of fauna and flora. It takes patience and silence, however, to discover these wonders.

The area is always open and can be visited all year round. It is equipped with toilets and picnic areas. It is possible to book guided tours for schools, groups and individual visitors, visits with lunch at a special price and organize small events in the Reserve, such as birthday parties and more.

If you prefer to visit the area on your own, you can choose between a educational path of about 45 minutes, a more challenging hiking path of about 2 hours, a gymnastic path with 16 stations and an accessible route.

Particular attention is given to schools, with the Circumnavigado Naturalistic Route and with special cards designed for the DAD.

A curiosity, there are many legends about the birth of the ciciu and several related to San Costanzo. The most famous tells that the saint fled into the woods chased by Roman soldiers, when he turned towards them shouting: “O incorrigible wicked, or sad hearted of stone! In the name of the true God I curse you. Be stones too!” That was how they were immobilized turned into stone.

Do you want to walk among geology and legends? The Ciciu are waiting for you.

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    Always open. For information: 0171-902087.