Rocca cernauda loop

Rocca cernauda loop

The ring allows you to reach the pleasant grazing basin at the foot of Mount Tibert, distinguished by numerous grange, stone huts used by shepherds to produce cheese and butter.

The route begins in Macra, where you go up through the asphalted road towards the hamlet of Chiesa. You skirt the church and continue on asphalt towards the villages of Serre and Chiotto, where the dirt road begins. Through a forest road you reach the meadows at the foot of Mount Tibert, where you can see the first huts. After the bridge, continue on the dirt road, which then turns into a technical single track and finally into an agricultural track in the woods. Then take the path to Borgata Castellaro, where you will follow the asphalt, and then resume the dirt road towards Paglieres-Soglio. Taking a technical path you arrive at a grassy track, where, turning right, you will find various votive pillars, the chapel of San Giacomo and the hamlet of Garino. Crossing the bridge and going up, you return to the carriage road that allows you to get to Macra.


  • Duration: 4h
  • Ascent: 1,560 m
  • Descent: 1,560 m
  • Distance: 36.0 km
  • Region: Macra
  • Seasons: Autumn, Spring, Summer
  • Difficulty: Hard

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