Forni di grange curbia loop

Forni di grange curbia loop

The ring runs through ancient connections between the hamlets of Albaretto Macra and ancient ovens now in disuse at the Grange Curbia.

Take the valley road from Stroppo Bassura, the starting point, towards Macra. You leave it near Chiampo to take the forest road that crosses the Maira, Pra customs and then reconnects to the asphalted road. Arrived near the cemetery of the Serremorello hamlet, take the single trail that, passing through the Garini hamlet, advances into the Bedale Itersile valley. Following the signs for Palent and Grange Curbia, you will find a stretch where it is necessary to carry the bikes by hand. At the grange you follow a forest track to Palent, continuing to Colletto. Once arrived, you cycle along the path to Maurengo and Aramola villages, where you keep the gta which, once you reach a chapel, reaches Stroppo. Going up through the low houses after crossing the stream, you return to the starting point.


  • Duration: 3h
  • Ascent: 1,060 m
  • Descent: 1,060 m
  • Distance: 24.0 km
  • Region: Stroppo
  • Seasons: Spring, Summer
  • Difficulty: Hard, Medium Difficulty

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