Xc experience” loop and “wild thing” trail

Xc experience” loop and “wild thing” trail

Low valley itinerary that develops on the east ridge of the Liretta hill. The sunny exposure allows MTB access even in winter.

The ring starts from Morra towards Villar San Costanzo along the secondary road that follows the Rio Fanssimagna. At 2.2 km, at a votive pillar, turn right, where the road soon becomes a dirt road. Afterwards, for the whole route, asphalted sections will alternate with dirt sections.

The route will touch the Liretta hill, the knoll for the take-off of the paragliders and the church of Sant’Antonio. This area also offers access to the hamlets of Rivoira Sottana and Soprana via the via dei morti, a dirt road starting from Villar San Costanzo. There are also two enduro descents Cactus / DH Rivoira and Mortal combact aimed at expert downhill bikers.

The whole area is located a short distance from the Ciciu del Villar Nature Reserve, a pearl of the Piedmontese environmental heritage both for its geological features and for the richness of its fauna. It is not possible to access it by bike.


  • Duration: 2h30m
  • Ascent: 710 m
  • Descent: 710 m
  • Distance: 25.3 km
  • Region: Villar San Costanzo
  • Difficulty: Easy

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