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Walking in the Maira Valley is a journey through ancient traditions and pristine nature

Trekking in the Maira Valley gives you a genuine connection with nature and silence. You also have the opportunity to explore an area untouched by mass tourism, where the age-old Occitan culture is still embraced with pride. Here, you won't encounter queues on the trails or crowds at the peaks, and the effort of the walk will be rewarded by scenes of extraordinary beauty.

This is our vision of trekking as portrayed in our film "Un pas après a l'autre - One step after another". The film narrates the journey along the Occitan Paths, a magnificent 170 km trek across the entire valley.

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Guida agli itinerari di trekking in Valle Maira

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    Options for All Levels

    Our region offers trails suitable for all levels of hiker, from simple day trips and high-altitude loops to the complete crossing of the valley.

    Guida trekking in Valle Maira
    Day excursions Easy

    The Broom trail

    An easy trail, well suited to families, that cuts through slopes covered with silvery broom, a variety which, in Italy, only grows in South Piedmont and in Liguria.

    Guida agli itinerari di trekking in Valle Maira
    Day excursions Easy

    Elsa's Trail

    A beautiful route that runs in the municipality of San Damiano Macra behind Lottulo. The trail is dedicated to Elsa Olivero and was restored by her husband who recovered ancient paths that had disappeared among the vegetation.

    Guida agli itinerari di trekking in Valle Maira
    Day excursions Medium

    Mount San Bernardo traverse

    Mount San Bernardo, the first peak of the long ridge that divides the Maira and Varaita valleys, is a peak that is popular in all seasons because of its easy access and spectacular views of the plains and the entire Alpine arc.

    Guida trekking in Valle Maira
    3 days Medium

    The Path of the Border

    Impossible to describe in just a few words the magnificence of a trail whose salient points are certainly the Gardetta, an immense plateau enclosed by dolomitic peaks and the fantastic Roburent lakes.

    Guida trekking in Valle Maira
    2 days Challenging

    The Dino Icardi trail

    The Dino Icardi trail is a spectacular and challenging circular itinerary that climbs the rocky facade of the Stroppia cascades, follows the eponymous wild hanging valley and returns through the Valley of the Infernetto.

    Guida agli itinerari di trekking in Valle Maira
    Day excursions Challenging

    Gioele Trail

    The trail is dedicated to Gioele Dutto, a young mountaineer who passed away in 2016. To remember him, family and friends have named a beautiful trail after him that traverses tortured ridges between bold rocky towers.

    Where We Are

    Our beautiful valley is nestled in the heart of the Western Alps near Cuneo, in a corner of Piedmont that shares its borders with France. It's easily accessible by car and public transport. The nearest airports are Cuneo Levaldigi and Turin Caselle.

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    Guida agli itinerari di trekking in Valle Maira

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