In the presence of Chersogno


At over 3000 metres, the Chersogno, with its characteristic tooth shape, is visible on clear days from the Cuneo plain. And it is from Prazzo, a municipality at 1030 metres, that you can tackle its ascent.

Prazzo is divided into two parts, Prazzo Superiore and Prazzo Inferiore, and comprises 31 villages and hamlets with well-preserved alpine architecture: round columns in stone masonry, lintels and windows, religious frescoes and stylised têtes coupées of Celtic origin will accompany your walks. Already mentioned in documents from 1028, its name indicates the abundance of meadows and pastures. This is nature that you will find intact even today on simple treks or excursions to famous peaks such as Mount Ruissas (2746 m) or the unmistakable Rocca Corna (2375 m) and to lakes of particular beauty such as Lake Camoscere. Prazzo has always attracted mountaineers and hikers from all over the world, in every season of the year.

Recommended attractions

A selection of the most beautiful places and unmissable destinations in the municipality of Prazzo.