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Davide Mana – “Davide cammina con noi” path

Davide Mana – “Davide cammina con noi” path

A route with three rings of increasing difficulty which, without reaching peaks, offers enchanting views of the upper Maira valley and its stone villages.

This path was strongly desired by those who knew and loved Davide Mana (Momo), who lost the affection of his loved ones too soon in 2020. In his life, Davide was able to involve people in many projects related to volunteering, Catholic Action and to sport.

Davide also strongly loved the mountains and was particularly attached to the Maira Valley which he traveled far and wide up to the highest peaks. He has also always tried to bring people closer to the mountains and nature with an eye to the possibilities of each one and the idea of ​​the 3 ring laps (long red route, blue intermediate route and short yellow route – see map) remembers this precisely. attitude: everyone can choose the one that suits them best.

Easy and suitable for families: Yellow Path

Yellow – Short loop (also suitable for families)
  • Length 6 Km
  • difference in altitude 300 m
Blue – Medium ring
  • Length 12 Km
  • difference in altitude 500 m
Red – Long ring
  • Length 16/17 Km
  • difference in altitude 500 m

The path goes up the Maira Valley from Acceglio to Chiappera to return to the starting point on the opposite side. A good part of the path, which also offers many possibilities for water supply, develops in the shade of dense vegetation among trees, shrubs, flowers and butterflies accompanied by the sound of the water of the Maira which, in the first part of the path, now flows right, now left. Nature and villages alternate, also offering various food for thought on phrases reported by him. To reach the start of the path, go up the Maira Valley up to Acceglio. At the exit of the village, just past a playground on the right, with a wide curve you cross the bridge over the Rio Mollasco at the end of which you turn left and in a hundred meters you reach the parking lot adjacent to the football field. The path, the first part of which is common to all three paths (poles with red, blue and yellow notches), starts on the left of the field and goes around it and then begins to climb with a gentle slope until it reaches the hamlet. Ponte Maira (about 30 minutes).
After crossing the bridge, continue to the left, ignoring the signs for the short route (pole with yellow mark) described in point A . After a few meters, the path crosses the provincial road and descends, right in front of the beginning of the bridge over the Maira, on the orographic left of the Maira and then continues climbing until it reaches the church of Santi Pietro e Paolo (about 20 minutes from Ponte Maira) . Cross the bridge towards the valley to resume the path on the right towards the upper valley up to the sources of the Maira (about 30 minutes from the chapel of San Pietro and Paolo) which can be reached with a short final stretch of asphalt. Continue to the right on the wide dirt road intended for parking and in a few meters you will reach the path again (pole with red and blue notches) which, with a decisive but short surge, leads to another intersection. Turning to the right, the path loses altitude (about 70/80 meters) until it reaches the branch where, on the right, the intermediate route (pole with blue mark) described in point B starts.

Continue to the left (from here on the poles will only have the red mark) until you reach, between slight ups and downs, the asphalted road which, in about 200 meters, climbs up to Chiappera (about half an hour from the springs). Upon entering the town, the route passes in front of the church of Santa Margherita and continues through the hamlet. Thus begins the return to Acceglio on an easy road which, after a slight descent, begins to rise again gently until reaching the locality of Crocetta (about 45 minutes from Chiappera) where the intermediate route (blue) coming from Saretto meets. In a few minutes you can reach, always slightly uphill, the Belvedere (wooden bench), a panoramic point worthy of a stop where the gaze sweeps from the Tete de L’Homme, to the Brec de Chambeyron, to the Sautron, to the Stroppia waterfalls without neglecting the Rocca Provenzale and the Castle Tower. From here on a long traverse begins towards the small church of San Maurizio which can be reached after taking the short (yellow) route up from Ponte Maira on the right.

The path, which at this point has become common again to all three rings, continues downhill towards Acceglio crossing the hamlet of Bargia and reaching the provincial road near the bridge over the Rio Mollasco before which, turning right in about a hundred meters back to the football field where the path ends and the three rings close.

  1. A) After crossing the bridge in the town of Villar, the yellow path continues straight through the houses of the town, crosses the provincial road and climbs the opposite side where, with … .. it reaches the others two paths just before the church of San Maurizio.
  1. B ) Leaving the path to the left (pole with a red notch), go down to the right until you reach the village of Saretto, which you cross until you cross the provincial road and go up it for a few meters up to cross the dirt road that leads to Crocetta where you join the red path.

For more info on Davide and historical notes, consult:

Facebook: Davide Walks Path


www.sentierodavidecamminaconnoi.it › the-project


  • Ascent: 650 m
  • Distance: 17.0 km
  • Region: Acceglio
  • Seasons: Autumn, Spring, Summer
  • Difficulty: Easy, Family-friendly, Medium Difficulty

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