Unspoilt nature, art, history and Occitan culture: this is Valle Maira.
A land, able to offer travellers not only picturesque corners and breathtaking views, but also the charm of an ancient landscape, made up of villages, in which accommodation and the pleasure of hospitality have deep roots. Those who walk along its pathways will find not just fields, forests and mountaintops, but mostly smiling people and will discover that there is a new joy awaiting them every day and in every climate in Valle Maira.
In the villages and inns, top modern comfort is offered with simplicity and familiarity; for sports and outdoor activities, cutting-edge equipment is available for anyone wishing to go through these unspoilt and millennial lands.
You will be surprised when visiting Val Maira by the number of artistic buildings: rural Romanesque and Gothic style churches and chapels, frescoed by travelling painters, bearers of the chivalric values of beyond the Alps and contaminated by the evocative peasant beliefs.
Due to its geographical shape with an east-west development of the main valley with numerous lateral north and south lateral valleys, Valle Maira has countless car routes to reach the villages, hills and the spectacular views over the chain of "Occitan" Alps and the plain of Cuneo. Thanks to the quick routes, you can live the spirit of the valley to the full, enjoying hidden corners, churches, museums, the warm welcoming of the Occitan cuisine and the accommodation around the area.

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