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Ski mountaineering
Having great potential for the activity of ski mountaineering, in recent years, Valle Maira has gained a niche of excellence in Italian and foreign mountain guides, who have found the opportunity to offer their customers itineraries with wild beauty in this unspoilt area, along with comfortable accommodation in small and immaculate facilities scattered around the villages, where you can breathe the authentic Occitan spirit.
Hundreds of ski mountaineering itineraries await you in the middle and upper valleys, wonderfully described in the volume "Charamaio mai" by Bruno Rosano, accompanied by technical data sheets based on the scale of difficulty and exposition, maps and itineraries planned on spectacular colour photographs.
Ski mountaineering classics
Bric Cassin (Acceglio)
Cugn di Goria (Elva)
Monte Cassorso (Canosio)
Monte Estelletta (Acceglio)
Monte Festa (Marmora)
Monte Giobert (Canosio)
Monte Nebin (Stroppo)
Monte Ruissas (Acceglio)
Punta Tempesta (Marmora)
Soleglio Bue (Canosio)
…another 125 itineraries are in "Charamaio mai" by Bruno Rosano
Cross Country Skiing
In Valle Maira you can spend a day cross country skiing, with the competition trail of Prazzo or the sunny Chiappera loops that wind through the scenic landscape of the Upper Valley at the foot of the towering spires of Rocca Provenzale and Rocca Castello. Using the cross-country trail in Val Maira is free, with the possibility to hire the equipment on site at moderate prices.
Snow Tubing
For those of you wishing to spend a day of pure enjoyment and leisure, try the thrill of Snow Tubing at Ponte Maira di Acceglio, going down easy slopes with special inner tubes and then back up to the top of the slope with two motorised travellators.
Downhill ski runs with the possibility to hire the equipment
Ski lift Pra' La Grangia di Canosio
Travellator at Ponte Maira di Acceglio