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If there is a phenomenon linked to outdoors in which Valle Maira is continuing to rapidly develop, then it is the MTB world. Ever more popular with enthusiasts, the large network of dirt roads, forest tracks and military roads at high altitude enables great routes through the forests, among Alpine pastures and along the ridges of watersheds, suspended between the earth and sky of the western Alps.
It is difficult to review the enormous amount of MTB-VTT itineraries that can be organised in Valle Maira. The following are mentioned for the wonderful views along the routes:

  • the Strada dei Cannoni, which runs along the northern side between the Maira and Varaita valleys with several insertions from the plain and the lateral valleys to the grasslands of Elva, reaching the base of Pelvo d'Elva and dominated in the panorama of the peak of Monviso
  • the Dragonbike route is on the opposite side, among the forests of Dronero, Montemale and San Damiano Macra
  • the road that goes up from Marmora to Colle Intersile and to the panoramic wide valley of Monte Tibert, with the return in a loop from Colle di Esischie
  • the panoramic route of the Gardetta Plateau and Colle Valcavera, with over 15 km above 2000 m dominated by the imposing mass of Rocca la Meja
  • the Monte Bellino loop from the Traversiera Valley, now a biker classic
  • the climb to Colle Ciarbonet in the Unerzio Valley

Many of the itinerary loops can be completed by following the forest track that goes down from Chiappera to Ponte Marmora along the Maira River, immersed in larch, fir and deciduous forests with cold and humid environments.
Other beautiful two-wheel excursions can be programmed by studying a map with a large quantity of dirt roads in the middle and lower valley, linking the myriad of villages and houses scattered around the many lateral valleys: you can invent surprising and pleasurable routes by drawing your own line between the mazes in the forests in Macra, Celle Macra, San Damiano, Roccabruna and Villar San Costanzo.
For adrenaline addicts, there is plenty of fun in the Downhill track at Ciciu di Villar San Costanzo, with the descent from Colle Liretta near the paraglider and hang glider take-off area.