CANOSIO - via Capoluogo, 2
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Reinero Filippo

In the heart of the Alps, among mountain peaks where it is still possible to hear the echo of ancient stories, an extravagant idea was born: to bring the symbol of the Andes to the European peaks! That's how the MairALPaca farm was born. This sweet and soft animal inspires fondness because of its peculiar shape: long neck, small, thin paws and big black eyes.
It is the ideal pet for a journey to discover nature.

Thanks to the owners’ passion for taking care of these animals, the farm allows everybody to get in direct contact with the alpacas, providing a unique and customized experience immersed in a charming environment.
We offer the opportunity to explore the area accompanied by these curious and docile animals: a unique mountain experience for families. You will be accompanied by local naturalist guides who can share scientific information about the mountain environment to even the youngest family members.

MairALPaca is also known for... alpaca fiber! In fact, alpaca fiber is in the category of the finest and best fibers in the world. We use the soft and warm fleece of our alpaca friends to make fluffy quilts. You will find these along with other creations made by MairALPaca at "Caffè ed Elogi" (exclusive distribution partner) in Canosio.

For more strolls and activities, you can check the Facebook page or contact Filippo Reinero directly by phone.
The Alpaca House is always open. From the start of spring on, we are in the meadows around the village of Cartignano. Come and find us!

Caffè ed Elogi is an original bar-store founded in the 1950s. We are a neighborhood store where you can buy groceries as well as order something to eat or drink – and we offer bar services too!
We paid great attention to the restoration of our store, and we choose our local suppliers carefully. With the same care, we offer traditional recipes of the Maira Valley and, on weekends, a Sunday brunch for the younger audience.
We are official retailers of MairALPaca branded products: sleeping bags and quilts.